Singapore's Web3 builders community.

SG Builders is a community of 300+ founders and builders working on web3 projects
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What can you expect?
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Everything starts with the gated telegram group. Here you’ll be able to ask other founders and builders about questions and problems you’re facing or just generally chat and meet with other members in the community.
Learn and Build
We’re about to run our first inaugural event! This is run specifically for the community - covering a broad range of topics from building your startup all the way to introduction into different verticals in crypto.
Gather and meet
We run invite only events that are capped at 35 people and is curated each time. It allows founders and builders to meet each other and discuss matters in a more private and curated setting. (vs the whole community)
What if I’m an investor?
VC and investooor friends - we ❤️  you but please understand that we are creating a safe environment for founders and builders. It’s hard to be vulnerable if you may need to raise capital and be on your best behaviour! That said, we’d love to work with you going forward.
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